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Book Stuff and a Little Bit About Me

1802, 2022

I am Now a Web3 Published Author!

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What’s that, you may ask? Well, it’s self-publishing but on the blockchain! My new Five Dollar Crypto Primer is for sale on traditional ebook sites like Kindle and more, mainly so the cryptocurrency averse don’t feel left out. The web3 part means the entire book has been published to a [...]

602, 2022

Jack Dorsey’s “Block” and the Tragedy of the Commons

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Jack Dorsey wants to bring crypto mining to the masses, but it could have catastrophic consequences for the environment. It’s probably not for the reasons the news has led you to believe. Crypto energy consumption isn’t a blockchain problem but an unfortunate consequence of the arms race between miners to [...]

1801, 2022

I spent a month embedded in the digital jungle observing the apes

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The art NFT community might surprise you both for their wholesomeness and ruthlessness. I’ve noticed a trend in media lately: treating NFT enthusiasts the same way a racist explorer might an undiscovered tribe by criticizing them without trying to get to know them. I did something that seemed out of [...]

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