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Book Stuff and a Little Bit About Me

1801, 2022

I spent a month embedded in the digital jungle observing the apes

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The art NFT community might surprise you both for their wholesomeness and ruthlessness. I’ve noticed a trend in media lately: treating NFT enthusiasts the same way a racist explorer might an undiscovered tribe by criticizing them without trying to get to know them. I did something that seemed out of [...]

501, 2022

Art NFTs, Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

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Writing can be expensive, but not for the reasons I initially thought. There's no substitute for learning by doing which sometimes necessitates spending money. For my recent novel YOLOsapiens I make many claims about how easy it is to mint and sell your own NFTs. I did this based mainly [...]

2412, 2021

All I Want for Christmas

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Ten thousand more words-a-wording One hundred Twitter followers-a-tweeting Three op-eds published-and-trending Two novels finished and published And an agent who really likes me I ain't greedy. Keep those golden rings and Bored Ape NFTs. Merry Christmas all! Have a great day whether you celebrate or not.  

1012, 2021

Echoes of American Psycho

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I had a great NaNoWriMo and completed a rough draft of what I'm dubbing a crypto-drama. It's a rug pull within a rug pull, a book that repeatedly subverts itself. I had two primary goals going into this project: Make crypto understandable and engaging. Provide value to society. I listened [...]

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