OK! I finally got the three ship models into a scene at scale. I’m really rusty with Blender, hence the washed out appearance. Learning multiple programs at once is super difficult… I’m wondering if I should just skip blender and jump straight into Unity. Out of all the tools in my workflow Blender has the steepest learning curve by far.

I think everything in my story still works based on this scale mock up. The Paraw (blue one) is a bit larger than I imagined but the Blockade Runner is just right.

I tried to use a sun and horizon for the renders but for some reason my camera position kept getting reset when I tried to render. Also blender is a nightmare of menus. To set up a sun “the right way” at least as I understand it, you need to go into the add ons menu, find a sun lighting add on, then configure it with your time of day and lat/lng position. Once you do that, all the models in the viewport get all flipped around. My camera turned upside down. Honestly the whole thing was quite upsetting!

I might try Tilt brush next. So many things to learn!!