Epic fantasy, island style.

Dream World

An island paradise is under threat and fourteen-year-old Tali must save it. Featuring a cast of unlikely companions, a well defined magic system, and political intrigue this book seeks to answer the question “How could a nation colonize itself?”

The 1860s were a fascinating time of technological improvements upsetting the balance of power after the Great Age of Sail. Tali and her brother Ambi have to use their wits as well as help from a meddling trickster god to tilt that balance in their favor.

I’ll be adding book extras to this page and more material once I get further in the publication process!

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Part 1 Soundtrack

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Back Jacket of Imaginary Album

  1. Track 1. Kafstikos
  2. Track 2. Alecto and Foki
  3. Track 3. Tali, No Boundaries
  4. Track 4. Psaras
  5. Track 5. Stif
  6. Track 6. Peter, debut
  7. Track 7. Aplistia, debut
  8. Track 8. Warehouse, Midnight
  9. Track 9. Warehouse Fire, Peter
  10. Track 10. Ambi's Dream
  11. Track 11. Tali's Nightmare
  12. Track 12. The Queen, Palace
  13. Track 13. The Delegation
  14. Track 14. Esmeralda
  15. Track 15. Act 1, Conclusion

Boats and Ships

Aplistia's Single-Outrigger Canoe

Aplistia’s Single Outrigger Canoe

Water Taxis

OG “Shark Chariot”

Guild Double-Outrigger

Guild Double Outrigger “Lucky Break”


LRA Blockade Runner “Deliverance”


Peter's Baby Dragoon, Unmodified

Peter’s Baby Dragoon, Unmodified

Variemai's Surujin

Variemai’s Surujin

Novel Inspiration