I finally painted a barrel that I modeled in Gravity Sketch. It took me 3 days. It’s the forth barrel.

I have no idea how people do this for a living; I think I could start making crates, boxes, maybe a chest, and probably another type of barrel. So I guess that makes me a 3d Cooper?

I learned a lot beating my head against the wall on this one. I think it would be easier if I modeled a separate lid because I’m not sure how to project the wooden texture onto the crazy little triangles on the top of a lathe object.

In order, the failures I learned from were:

  1. A freeform lathe object where the iron bands were part of the rotation. This one was super hard to separate into faces in blender/substance painter and I eventually gave up. I know this one piece version would be the most effiecient and I still want to figure it out. Whenever I would group select faces it selected random ones on the other side of the model. I just don’t know Blender well enough.
  2. A SubD mesh which I could never get to be totally round or symmetrical. I abandoned this one.
  3. A lathe object for the wooden part of the barrel along with separate lathe objects for the bands. This is what worked but I think the bands should be donuts instead. I’m not sure if that might improve the texture, all the faces make it wonky.

After all that, I still think it looks best in gravity sketch.

Here’s this little El Goog easter egg