Five Dollar Crypto for Students, Educators, and Social Workers!

I respect all educators. You have a very difficult job and often pay for materials out of your own pocket. Today, at least for this book,  you don’t have to!

I wrote this primer to educate the public about crypto and how to avoid scams. I think starting in schools makes a lot of sense (plus my wife is a school social worker.) It’s in a conversational style and serves as an introduction to crypto, NFTs, DeFi and the technology in general but it’s mercifully short.

This ebook if free for you to read and you may use any excerpts or material in the classroom. If you’d like to share it with other educators or students please send them my link so I can keep track of how many copies I give out!

To request your FREE copy of the Five Dollar Crypto Primer ebook please fill out the form below using your professional credentials (or if you are a student just put Student)

Students: It’s shorter than a fortnite match, maybe read it while you’re waiting for your Tik Tok to upload ;)

Teachers: Physical copies are available if you would like a classroom set. I can provide these at an educational discount.



<3 Teachers

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