Five Dollar Crypto Primer

Approximately 26 pages meant to introduce a general audience to crypto trading and concepts like NFTs, gas fees, and the blockchain.

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  • An introduction to all the terms that a person needs to start crypto investing

  • An ordered approach for the reader to do further research

  • Commentary on some of the risk factors with crypto trading (there are many!)

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Interested in learning about Cryptocurrency trading but always found it too dry to get into?

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For only $5 this Primer aims to be your gateway into the land of crypto trading. I hope you will find it more than delivers a return on your investment!

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“A friend of mine wrote a nice ‘intro to crypto’ for n00bs primer — it’s a DIALOGUE, a story — which I have not seen anyone do yet.

I read it, I am a thumbs up on it, get it here!”‘

Mark Jeffrey author of  BITCOIN EXPLAINED SIMPLY (2013) and THE CASE FOR BITCOIN (2016) as well as the Young Adult Series MAX QUICK