Thought I’d pop in here to give an update on what I’ve been up to. This blog might be sleepy for now but my other site WAXWORKS sure isn’t!

I just concluded running a NFT Music Competition with Yoshidrops over on the WAX Blockchain. We got 13 full length and unique tracks, I created a voting system, and we gave out awards! The community had a great time.

Some artists in our community even designed all the trophy NFTs! All participants received this awesome 3d Render from Kris at Pixelgibs who brought my skull mascot to life:

On the same day that contest concluded, another sponsor approached me to run a poetry competition! This will be running until July 4th and we’re trying to encourage people brand new to NFTs to participate.

The community engagement and support mostly on Twitter has been wonderful.

Additionally, I finished rewrites and edits on the novel I am querying and sent it out to agents.

It’s been busy busy!